Massage therapy in Haddenham

Choose your complementary therapy here. All my prices are very competitive and affordable, enabling all clients to come back time and time again. Whether you are looking for massage therapy in Haddenham or a relaxing Reiki session, you will find the complementary therapy for you.

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Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes - £53

Among my most popular treatments for massage therapy in Haddenham, this gentle calming massage is great for stress relief and aches and pains. I use a specially selected blend of essential oils and scents, to help improve the health of the body, mind and spirit.


Aromatherapy Massage





Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes - £55

Your hot stone massage uses heated rocks to impart warmth deep into the muscles. This not only feels amazing but also gives a deeper sense of relaxation, both physically and emotionally. You can book this massage therapy in Haddenham today.


Hot Stone Massage






Express Massage 30 minutes - £30

The express massage is superb for people who need to relax but only have a limited time. It focusses on the neck, back and shoulders, allowing you to relax and unwind before continuing with a busy schedule with a more focussed and relaxed mindset.


Express Massage






Reflexology Hands 45 minutes - £40

This complementary therapy is a great way to improve circulation and energy flow through the body. Hand reflexology works by stimulating pressure in the hands, which results in a wide range of health benefits and improvements to wellbeing.


Reflexology Hands






Reflexology Feet 45 minutes - £40

You can also book this popular reflexology treatment at my therapy room in Haddenham. By using pressure points in your feet, you can find improvements in your wellbeing and health come soon after the treatment.


Reflexology Feet






Manicure 45 minutes - £25

You can have a relaxing, manicure that will make your hands and nails look great! You can also choose from a range of colours and polishes if you should wish. Please note that I do not do gel manicures or extensions.








Pedicure 45 minutes - £25

Having a pedicure not only helps your feet and toes to look beautiful, but it is also super relaxing and soothing, especially after a hard day. With my range of quality nail colours, you can also have nail polish to match your outfit or look.








Manicure & Hand Massage 45 minutes - £35

A relaxing manicure, with an even more relaxing hand massage included, for just £10 more.


Manicure & Hand Massage







Pedicure & Foot Massage 45 minutes - £35

A soothing pedicure, with an even more relaxing foot massage included, for just £10 more.


Pedicure & Foot Massage





Facial Massage 60 minutes - £45

Facial massages are one of my most popular treatments, and they make for an ideal monthly treat. They aid improvement in your skin and help you to face the world with confidence! Your facial treatment products will be selected especially for your skin type, and the facial massage is tailored to what works best for you, making this a truly bespoke treatment.


Facial Massage







Reiki 60 minutes - £45








Day makeup and evening makeup
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Day makeup and evening makeup